Mission: To help empower, inspire and encourage those battling cancer.
Vision: To make someone smile and feel special while going through a very difficult time in life.

A Battle Cap is designed to be worn inside and outside with comfort in mind. Not too big, and not too small, each hat is custom made just for YOU.

Making your Battle Cap a one of a kind creation. 

Using the softest yarn, vibrant colors and a very specific pattern created for the BCP, you'll find that your Battle Cap fits perfectly and looks as great as you. 



Hats crocheted

for cancer patients since 2018


States in the USA



across the world


After losing his father to cancer in 2006, he’s been searching for a way to help others battling the disease.
After fighting a substance use disorder for 10 years, he found his path to recovery while incarcerated.

He is 12 years in recovery to date.
While in prison he taught himself how to crochet and started donating hats and other items to church run programs.
In 2018 a friend requested a soft hat for her cousin who was battling cancer and thus The Battle Cap Project took form. He had found his calling and decided to create this free service for anyone fighting cancer. With the suggestion from his wife he decided to create care packages (Battle Kits).

To date over 1600 Battle Caps and Battle Kits have been sent to over 22 countries and almost all 50 states. 
He now works as a certified peer support specialist with 2 non-profit organizations in Madison, WI.  Working with people that have mental health and substance use disorders. 

He is a father to a wonderful and energetic (6 yr old) son, and married to an exceptional woman who is the love of his life.

Kurt battle cap.png


To help us cover the cost of materials & shipping, please consider donating to our non-profit.

You can also purchase items used regularly in our care packages and have them shipped directly to us via our amazon wish list here.

                                                                                        Every Battle Kit comes with:

                                                                                                     1 Battle Cap of your choice 

                                                                                          5 pcs ginger candy

                                                                                          5 pcs sugar free candy

                                                                                          1 Lip balm

                                                                                          1 Hand lotion

                                                                                          1 pair of socks

                                                                                          1 Hand made inspirational card/picture

If you would like to purchase yarn to donate, we use  Premier yarn  for 90% of our hats.
You can use the discount code BCP15% on the
Everyday worsted weight collection
Premier Yarn Company has supported me with this project by generously donating yarn.  

We also accept HANDMADE GET WELL CARDS made by children or adults. We've had teachers have their students do special projects for us and the people ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!

We ask that these are 5x7 in size so they fit in the care packages. 

You can choose a main color and a color for the stripe.
Please double check your address information.

1 entry per person. 

Thanks for submitting!